Zara Tindall puts a bit of pressure on Kate Middleton and William

Zara Tindall met un petit coup de pression à Kate Middleton et William

Zara Tindall and her husband Mike are not on the same wavelength as Kate Middleton and prince William when the decisions for their children and related to the outbreak of coronavirus.

While the british government has undertaken, with all the necessary precautions, to reopen gradually the schools, the children of the royal family of England will not all return there immediately. Mike and Zara Tindall, daughter of princess Anne and grand-daughter of queen Elizabeth II – have decided to put their daughter Mia, age 6, at school, from the 1st of June. This decision puts the pressure on Kate Middleton and prince William, who have so far not said if Charlotte and George were going to return to the classroom.

Mike Tindall has spoken to the Telegraph and explained how was school at home with Mia. And apparently, it has not happened as well as he hoped. “Mia has loved the first week because it was different from being with mom and dad all the time. But after, she is bored that it’s always the same people who are telling him what to do”, he said. He assured that if his daughter was returning to school, he continued to monitor the situation closely, to possibly back on the choice made.

Zara Tindall met un petit coup de pression à Kate Middleton et William

Zara Tindall has spent a lot of time with his horses since the beginning of the confinement. Agence / Bestimage

Social distancing : William worried for George and Charlotte

Mike and Zara Tindall will have more time to devote to their second daughter, Lena, who has only a year and a half, and lacked a bit of attention since the beginning of the confinement. Her big sister Mia occupied a lot of the time of his father. In addition, his mother continued to spend most of his days with his horses. So in that sense, the return to school is positive for the whole of the small family. But this possibility disturbs even many prince William : “I do not think that a single child can understand the concept of social distancing”, he explained in a video conference call on 21 may.

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