Young fan of the f-1 was excluded from the race with real pilots for Titoma. Had to apologize

15-year-old fan of Formula 1 and kart driver by the name Ashes in yesterday’s F1 race Fan Race in which the racers compete against the fans, was expelled from the lobby before the race. The reason for this was the participation in the competition Dan Tectum, which at some point came out of the lobby and was replaced by Asicom, but then was produced the opposite castling.

“Today I got kicked out of the race F1 Race Fan. I Ashes, I’m 15 years old and I am a kart driver. This afternoon I was selected to participate in the race of Formula 1 against the two pilots “Williams”. I was added to friends broadcasters, everything looked great. I spent four hours to create a Twitch channel, work in photoshop, create a banner and profile picture to create a broadcast that was supposed to be one of the best races of my life.

I received an invitation from the broadcasters, followed all the instructions and waited, but I got kicked from the lobby without explanation. In the end I was told that the organizers had to make room for the pilot of Formula 1 or Formula 2, and my name appeared on the list accidentally. I was excited waiting for the start of the race, my friends helped me to configure the stream, I placed an announcement in all social networks. In the end I just kicked out of the lobby. I’m upset and disappointed,” wrote Ashes in the topic on Reddit.

Soon, the official representative of Formula 1 gave the answer:

“Hey, Ashes! The relationship with our fans is incredibly important, so we wanted to be engaged in this process. We select winners and make the short-list to invite them to the waiting room in limbo. From there we invite random pilots in the lobby. If within the prescribed period, the lobby is full, then we invite to other participants, again randomly. Last night we had four riders and 16 seats available in the lobby for the fans. However, one participant left, which automatically led to the emergence of free space. When he returned, we had to Refine the list — again, at random, and it so happened that you are unable to attend.

We apologize for this misunderstanding. We will try to optimize this process, but as a gesture of good will for your efforts and comprehended disappointment we’ll provide you with a guaranteed place in the next race. The spirit of the Challenger series is to give fans of Formula 1 to participate in the race with real pilots, and we look forward to the moment to see how you cope. Time to start practicing!” — reads the response of a representative Formula 1.

Ashish accepted the apology.

“Thank you for taking the time to answer. I really appreciate this kind gesture that you promised me a part in the next tournament. I have great respect for the community and all riders. I am concerned that I will participate in the following competitions and look forward to the opportunity to participate in the race,” said Ashish.

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