Work in project mode to create a video game

Work in project mode to create a video game

Rami Radoine, Teacher in SNT, offered his second year students, for the second year, to join the Youth Fusion project, Video game creation.
His class of 30 students has thus developed 5 video game projects presented at the International Festival organized by Fusion Jeunesse, and at the France Festival.
The project is supported by the Management, which supplements the SNT class time by adding 1 / 2h per week (ie 2h of SNT / week).

Researchers and professionals supporting students

A polytechnician for coach

Chloe Vigneau comes from the École Polytechnique and École des Gobelins. She belongs to the Science and Video Game Chair at École Polytechnique. She is currently working on a thesis on the theme “How to improve learning by creating video games?” “. Its objective is to offer solutions to improve design tools, make them easier to learn for students and teachers alike and thus promote the emergence of a design project.
Chloé Vigneau thus accompanied the students throughout the year, once a week. She presented them with the different phases of creating a game, guided them in defining their projects and finally advised them on the constitution of teams and the distribution of tasks. She also provided them with technical assistance, especially for debugging.

Professionals to present the professional video game industry

Professionals from Ubisoft, official partner, intervened during the year to present the professional ecosystem allowing to lead to the design of a video game, design that can involve teams of up to 300 people from different specialties and require several years before the marketing of a game. The pupils thus discovered the hidden side of the video game.

Create a video game to develop 21st century skills

An almost professional posture

Within each team, each takes on a specific role: design designer, programmer, screenwriter, music designer, project manager …
This operation in project mode requires team cohesion and one teamwork, but also uses the creativity skills, essential skills for citizens of the 21st century.
As the design progresses, students are asked to take a critical look at their production in order to consider the modifications to be made.
On the technical side, the digital skills are also present with the use of specific online tools:

  • for music,
  • to develop the different levels of play,
  • Piskel for drawing game characters and environments.

Recognition of student work

Projects awarded at festivals:
5 nominations, 2 victories out of the 100 projects presented

Click on each game name to discover it and let yourself be embarked on its universe:

A project with a future

No question of stopping in such a good way, so on the program for next year, a new project Youth Fusion creation of video games. And the establishment would like to go even further and launch an e-sport club and why not ultimately create an Esport option to promote perseverance and school inclusion.

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