WNBA Aerial Powers Champion Joins HyperX Family of Ambassadors

    WNBA Aerial Powers Champion Joins HyperX Family of Ambassadors

    FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif.- HyperX announces that Aerial “POWERzSURGE” professional basketball player Powers is its new ambassador and as part of the agreement, Powers will use HyperX headphones in their broadcasts and video games. This official sponsorship from the Aerial Powers video game team marks HyperX’s foray into the WNBA.

    “I am excited to officially join the HyperX family. All of us who play know that the HyperX team is critical to winning. With my HyperX headphones I have noticed a big difference in my level of play and an increase in my number of wins, “said Powers. “HyperX headphones will help me maximize my performance. I’m honored to be treated like a hero and can’t wait to share with the world the awesome concept we designed. ”

    During the 2019 WNBA season, Powers officially launched his Twitch channel, POWERzSURGE, where he plays and streams Apex Legends, Call of Duty, and NBA 2K. Powers’ passion for video games was born as a child when she played Nintendo 64 with her family. Video games have been an integral part of her life both as competition and as a way to empower women in video games as recently seen at her POWERZ UP NBA 2K tournament.

    “We are excited to welcome Aerial into the HyperX family,” said Dustin Illingworth, influencer marketing manager at HyperX. “His skills on the court and his enormous passion for diversity and inclusion in video games will create greater awareness among gamers and traditional sports fans alike. ”

    In keeping with HyperX’s goal of empowering all gamers To achieve their best possible performance, Powers demonstrates a desire to promote a healthy lifestyle around video games and seeks to foster the diversity and inclusion of women and people of color in sports and video games.

    As a HyperX brand ambassador, Powers will receive the hero treatment she provides HyperX Heroes including her own heroine illustration inspired by her video game character.

    Powers will exclusively use HyperX gaming headsets when gaming and streaming. He also joins the brand’s growing roster of international talents including American football player JuJu Smith-Schuster, basketball player Gordon Hayward, ice hockey player Filip Forsberg, international footballer Dele Alli, professional pilot Sage Karam. , and the more than 25 streamers and global influencers that are part of the HyperX family.

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