With an idealistic, not a pragmatic view. The anniversary of the concert hall “Latvija” will be celebrated / Article

With an idealistic, not a pragmatic view. The anniversary of the concert hall “Latvija” will be celebrated / Article

July 24 are marked the first two years of operation of the concert hall “Latvija”, which were mostly spent subordinating to the pandemic. During the meeting, the staff of the concert hall tried not to go the easy way, but to create unusual and special cultural events. This promises to be the set of anniversary events “Second”, which will be associated with the projects of the first half of the year, as well as provide a completely new experience of dance, music and space.

Looking back at the current history of the concert hall “Latvija”, its artistic director Miks Magone explains that full-fledged and usual activity has been experienced only eight months since its opening – it is not even a full season. “Planning periods have become much shorter. Actions, such as technical ones, have to be done much more quickly than they would have been in peacetime, and respond to both external conditions and restrictions, as well as the irritations caused by these restrictions and conditions, ”Magone notes during the daily pandemic phase of the concert hall. According to him, this changing time encourages some to find easier and more artistically hasty solutions. To avoid this, it is useful to stop for a moment and think cool.

In the future, the employees of the concert hall “Latvija” will still have an idealistic, not dictated by the era, pragmatic view,

In the Latvian Radio program “Kultūras rondo” the artistic director emphasizes.

Asked to describe the interest of listeners and spectators in the program offered in the concert hall “Latvija”, Magone points out that in Ventspils it is not and cannot be the same as in Riga: “It is not new that being in the region plays a big role – where the population is not the largest, – thereby

the demand for professional art and culture cannot be compared to the capital. “

The number of visitors in recent weeks, as observed by the artistic director of the concert hall, has also been affected by the hot weather, which people are reluctant to spend indoors: “This breakout, imprisoned all winter and spring, especially in Ventspils, encourages people to go to the beach and as much outdoor time as possible. “

However, the creative forces of the concert hall “Latvija” have managed to adapt and find new, engaging cultural experiences both during the home session and now.

In the first half of the year, these were three thought-provoking events in which scenography intertwined with music or performing arts,

and they are – co-arranged with Rein Suhanov waiting room, inspired by Samuel Beckett’s absurd play “Waiting for God”, container with culture or “Evergreen”, where one by one, the glass walls were separated, the visitor and the artist, as well as the space created by the artist Anna Orniņa for the sound in the wonderful world “When progress becomes a god, a person dies like a slave” met in person. But now it’s the turn of the two-year anniversary event set “Second”.

Already announced The artistic director of the concert hall on July 24 also divides the program into three parts. The participants of the projects implemented in winter and spring are gathered for the first act, which will take place in the open space open to everyone at 18.00. They will perform short, musical performances and dramatic performances in six different places through which you can enter the Great Square.

Mick Poppy imagines that the mood there will be like in Babel – a jumble of sound from all sides.

Next, which will follow at 7.30 pm, the art experience “Apollo. Our Directorate “is a contemporary view of composer Platon Buravick, choreographer Agate Bankava and set designer Kristian Brecht on the ballet” Apollo “by composer Igor Stravinsky, performed by contemporary dance artists and an unusual line-up of pianists, oboists and guitarists.

In the new production, none of Stravinsky’s original ideas will be turned in the completely opposite direction. The message will be different. The artistic director of the concert hall says:

“Here we are trying to talk about the present, when, in our minds, at every step of individual initiative, the power of personalities in certain spheres of life has lost its significance,

and all this has institutionalized, become a directorate where there is no single muse who can make a decision – I will now go, do and answer. ” However, the end is on a light note.

The end of the evening will be open again – jazz music performed by two ensembles. On July 19, it was announced that the trio of Norwegian trumpet player Nila Peter Molver would be replaced by a whole quartet.

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