“Winning alone is an art”

“Winning alone is an art”

Jul 10, 2021 at 18:33



Dutch Bauke Mollema achieved his second victory in the Tour de France this Saturday, alone, like the one he achieved four years ago at the Puy en Velay, an art that he attributes more to the instinct to attack than to luck.

Most of my wins are solo. The key is to attack at the right timeIt depends more on that than on luck, “said the 34-year-old Trek runner, after completing more than 30 kilometers alone.

Unlike his triumph in 2017, he said, on this occasion he had the stage marked as a possible victory, the goal that the man who was sixth in the final general of the 2013 gala round has brought to the Tour.

Mollema boasts of running the old-fashioned way, without a computer to dictate the intensity of his efforts., trusting his own sensations in the race.

Thus, he revealed, he knew how to find the right place to jump from the group of escapees and present himself alone at Quillan’s goal. Four days ago in Malaucène he was not so lucky and saw Belgian Dylan Teuns snatch the victory from him. In the end he was third.

You have to choose well the stages in which you give everything. In the past Giro I did not do it and here I am being more selective. That is why I have achieved this triumph, “he commented.

“In the Tour the objective is to win a stage. To achieve it you have to have good form and make the right decisions,” he said.

Mollema added that a medal at the Olympics is one of his goals this season, noting that he plans to finish the Tour and take a flight from Paris to Tokyo on the night of July 18.


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