Windows remembered how he and LeClair were crying after the accident on the last lap

The pilot “Renault” Esteban Windows told the story of how he and Charles LeClair fought for the victory in the French Cup on the kart, but they collided in the last corner.

“I think I’m getting serious to get involved in karting in 2004. In 2004 and 2005 became the champion of the North of France, and the South had won the boy by the name of Charles LeClair. Little I knew about it then, but then there was a big race in Magny-Cours and Charles fought in the qualifying rounds.

Won it, I will. We had an interesting duel, but in the last corner of the last lap I was in the fight for the lead, but we collided. Charles appeared in the barrier of waste tires and couldn’t get to the finish line, and I finished fifth or sixth. In the end, the race was won by Antoine Hubert. Remember when Charles started crying and parents were trying to comfort us, but it was impossible — then we could not lose,” wrote Esteban Windows in his column on the official website of Formula 1.

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