Windows – about the situation with coronavirus: in my head a switch flipped

The pilot “Renault” said Esteban Windows, as spending time in isolation, and also admitted that since the start of the pandemic changed its attitude to the coronavirus.

“Quarantined I spend a lot of time with family. I confess, I don’t really have much to do. Can take a very short walk, but I’ve already learned the route. We’re just waiting for the moment when you are allowed to freely leave the house. I was fascinated by simracing and practise every day”, — quotes the words of the window Nextgen-Auto.

Esteban shocked many when in Melbourne, before the start cancelled the Grand Prix appeared in the paddock in the black respirator.

“I didn’t want to joke about the universal abundance of caution, and simply overreacted. Although I didn’t take it seriously. But when the news came about the engineer “McLaren”, I was shocked. In my head a switch flipped. Since then my thinking has changed, and I’m just worried about how not to get sick. Race is not so important,” admitted Windows.

Photos available at Planet F1 on Twitter.

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