Wife: science, the future world champion

Former racer of the Formula 1, the Ambassador Ferrari mark Wife gave his explanation why the “Scuderia” was preferred to Carlos Sainz, and expressed confidence that the Spaniard is able to win the world title.

“First and foremost, they chose the bird because he is at the peak of his career. He has experience Carlos spent over a hundred Grand Prix. He can immediately give the result, and in front of his long journey.

His character also suitable for Ferrari. He is very smart and experienced. If you start to talk to him, you will understand that it is not the years considered for their 25 years. Plus it is very technical, fast and gives good feedback. But the most important thing is that he doesn’t make mistakes, the science is very strong from the standpoint of psychology.

It is obvious that he is a future world champion. For winning the title he has everything he needs” — quoted his Wife AS.

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