Wife Malkina is concerned at the insufficient measures taken to combat coronavirus in Russia

Anna Kosterova, the wife of a striker, “Pittsburgh penguins” Evgeni Malkin, expressed concern at the insufficient measures to combat coronavirus in Russia.

“Yesterday, I talked with a friend from Moscow. Upset. Not all realised the scale of the problem, how serious it is. Some restaurants still have a lot of visitors, like shopping malls. Antiseptics are not used everywhere, many employees without protective masks. Very worried about their friends and relatives, his mother and brother, worried for the old grandparents. For all of our seniors for whom this infection poses a serious threat to the health and deadly risks!

People all over the world joined in the fight against the virus, everyone is responsible for themselves and their environment! In Miami we and our neighbors keep a maximum of measures. If we have to go outside, then returned, we wash all your clothes in Sanitas. Too much? There is already no one thinks so. And if each of us will be vigilant, we will get through this.

Our staff is already closed everything. Work only pharmacies, hospitals and grocery stores. You have in the city is there everything you need?” — told Kasarova in Instagram.


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