Why do players jump onto the playing field blindfolded?

    Why do players jump onto the playing field blindfolded?

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    The Liga MX has been implemented during the protocol prior to each start of the matches of the Day 14 of Guard1anes 2021, an awareness campaign, this time about people with visual disability.

    In the ceremony prior to each game, the 22 players jump onto the playing field blindfolded, holding hands in a row, except the captains, who were the only ones who were not blindfolded, this to direct the rest of their teammates towards the center of the field.

    The bandages they used were black and white and they were worn during the hymn of the Liga MX until the refereeing body carries the ball with which it is going to play.

    The match where this tribute was seen for the first time was in Aguascalientes, in the Necaxa vs Pumas, where the cats obtained a positive result of 0-1.

    Later in the Juarez vs San Luis The dose was repeated and this will be the case in the rest of the matches to be played on Matchday 14.

    Other campaigns where the League sought to raise awareness have been with breast cancer, children with autism or the white coats where they paid tribute to all the medical personnel who fight against Covid-19 pandemic.

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