“who we are in the dark”: black lullabies

«who we are in the dark»: noires berceuses

Photo: Jeremy Mimnagh
All dressed in black, in a duo, trio, quartet and in unison, the dancers manage to do that the body common.

It is on a plot, still fresh as the choreographer toronto-based Peggy Baker adventure in creating a dialogue between his signature refined with the strings lyrical and rhythmic experimental, Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara.

This promising collaboration results in a room designed down to the smallest flows, eloquent and coherent visually just in abstraction, but where the musicians and dancers inhabit the stage without really giving the impression to find a pulse in common.

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The theme of darkness, on which is centred the creative is born a chaos highly organized composed of human chains, spirals that curl in on themselves, of wheel velocity and memory leaks before ending by landing soft on the floor.

Acrobatic dance is driven by the voice and the breath audible to the interpreters. Onomatopoeia, rales and other gurgles to fall spontaneously in the musical score.

All dressed in black, in a duo, trio, quartet and in unison, the dancers manage to do jiu — images of a swarm of insect and animal migrations are flowing here and there, their movements based adroitly in the projections signed by Jeremy Mimnagh.

With his bow, Sarah Neufeld, this far in the withdrawal, carries his highly physical game by entering in the space near the dancers.

The musical score composed from the choreographic score rarely leaves the registers lyrical and melancholic fort supported and moved, by force, a certain redundancy.

Repetition that inscribes a certain austerity on the length, while the overabundance of the movements of the dancers lose the clarity of the proposal and the dynamic equal of the sequences choreographic of a table to another does not raise the us all to captivate.

We will keep in mind the skillful integration of paintings by the visual artist John Heward, large canvas hanging in figures gross scoring well into the abstract processing of the theme of darkness.

On this point, the inspirations that Peggy Baker say they get a series of texts — including fragments of Kafka, Sylvia Plath or Jean Gennet — remain cryptic and opaque through the proposal ; while the black lullabies carried by the two musicians in the indie-rock, broken by a few solos of battery saving because energy boosters, seem a distant echo of the dance.

who we are in the dark

A choreography of Peggy Baker (Peggy Baker Dance Projects) with Sarah Fregeau, Mairi Greig, Kate Holden, Benjamin Kamino, Sahara Morimoto, David Norsworthy and Jarrett Siddall. Music by Sarah Neufeld and Jeremy Gara. Visual art of John Heward. Presented by Dance Dance until 2 march at the Théâtre Maisonneuve.