Where you will not be able to go next week

Куда вы не сможете сходить на следующей неделе

Better stay at home.

March 25, Vladimir Putin announced the week off due to the outbreak of coronavirus. The President recommended this vacation home to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. However, if you plan to diversify your leisure, you should consider a number of prohibitions and restrictions, which are imposed in the country in anticipation of a possible quarantine.

Here, you will not be able to do next week:

  • To visit cinemas and circuses.

These institutions must be closed in accordance with the order of the Ministry of culture. Those who want to spend a week for movies and serials can use the promotional codes for free access to online cinemas.

  • To go to the museums, theatres and exhibition halls.

Museums and theatres of the Ministry of culture is also closed, but there are plenty of virtual tours, and broadcasts from the “Wiener Staatsoper” and the “Bolshoi theatre”, which is also available absolutely free.

  • To visit night clubs and entertainment centers.

The closure of clubs and RTS, the Russian government announced the new assignment to the regions. It also mentioned children’s playroom and other entertainment and recreational establishments.

  • To smoke hookahs in the bars, cafes and other public places.

A temporary ban on Smoking hookahs applies to all institutions. Although the cafes and bars have not yet closed.

  • To attend concerts and other events.

The Russian government recommended to cancel all public events in the country. The allowable number of people may vary depending on the region.

  • To go to fitness club and gym.

The government instructions for sports events with the full-time presence of people and, therefore, the fitness clubs and places for various types of sports must also be temporarily closed.

Upcoming holidays do not apply to emergency services, pharmacies, banks, public transport and authorities. Grocery stores will also work.

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