What will change in laws in April 2020

Что изменится в законах с апреля 2020 года

For violation of quarantine measures can put and maternity capital will automatically be assigned.


On 31 March, the state Duma hastily passed in the third reading a number of laws concerning the pandemic. They still must be approved by the Federation Council and signed by the President. But, given the speed of developments, it is unlikely that the process will be delayed. Thus, the probability that these acts will come into force in April.

While these laws do not apply. However, they need to know about.

Toughen punishment for violation of quarantine

Made quite a large package of amendments On amending the Russian Federation Code of administrative offences in the Cao. Article 6.3 “Violation of legislation in the field of ensuring sanitary and epidemiological welfare of population” complements the second point. It introduces a penalty for violation of sanitary regulations and anti-epidemic measures in some situations, namely:

  • in the emergency mode;
  • if quarantine is declared;
  • when threatened with the spread of the disease, dangerous to others.

The latter circumstance allows to punish people, even if a state of emergency or quarantine is not officially announced.

Fines for violations for citizens will amount to 15-40 thousand, for officials and entrepreneurs — 50-150 thousand, for legal entities — 200-500 thousand. The legal entities and entrepreneurs also face suspension of activities for up to 90 days. If violations have harmed health or caused the death of a person, but it does not fall under the Criminal code, the penalties increase. They will reach 150-300 thousand for citizens, up to 1 million for entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Additionally, introduced article 20.6 of punishment for failure to comply with rules of conduct in emergency situations or the threat of its occurrence. For violations when administering high alert citizens fined 1-30 of thousands of officials and entrepreneurs for 10 to 50 thousand, legal entities — by 100-300 thousand.

Now the high alert declared in all the regions of Russia.

There are changes On amendments to the criminal code of the Russian Federation and article 31 and 151 of the Criminal procedure code of the Russian Federation and the Criminal code. For violation of sanitary and epidemiological rules, which massively infected or poisoned people, will be punished by a fine of 500-700 thousand or deprivation of liberty for a term up to two years. If one person died, for the offender it ends in a fine of up to 2 million or imprisonment of up to five years. For the death of two and more persons allowed imprisonment for 5-7 years.

For fakie on the epidemic will be punished harder

For legal entities, the publication of false information about the coronavirus can result in a fine of 1,5–3 million roubles. If you hurt people, property or will it lead to riots, will have to pay up to $ 5 million.

Citizens for similar violations will be punished under the Criminal code with fines, restriction, and even imprisonment.

The increase in drug prices will keep fines

For overpricing medicines, officials will pay a fine from 250 to 500 thousand. From individual entrepreneurs and legal entities will take unnecessarily revenues double the size.

Hospital calculate new

On the payout of sick leave is affected not only income and experience. To get 100% of average earnings, it is necessary to study generally for more than eight years. If the experience is less than five years, during illness, the person will receive only 60% of the median income.

It has now been decided to support the young professionals with low income and to change the rules of calculation of payments for sick leave. Until the end of 2020, the minimum size of disability benefits in paying for a full month cannot be below the minimum wage. The minimum wage is 12 130 rubles.

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Quick payments cheaper

The Central Bank until July 1, 2022 stops Information message of the Bank of Russia “Tariffs for services of the Bank of Russia in the service of fast payments of the payment system of the Bank of Russia (SBP), in force from 1 April 2020” to take the money from the banks for the transfers of individuals in the service of fast payments. This mechanism allows you to send money by phone number. Thanks to innovation, transfers should be free or very cheap and for Bank customers.

Also set the maximum rates that banks can offer to entrepreneurs for fast payments. State transfers will be free. With the money to medical treatment, education, charity, housing, transportation, will not be able to take greater than 0.4%. The rest — more than 0.7%.

Mortgage promise to make more accessible

The Bank of Russia reduces the Bank of Russia approved measures to support citizens, the economy and the financial sector in a pandemic coronavirus premium to the risk coefficients on mortgage loans issued since April 1. Thanks to this loan will be easier. For banks, the conditions in which it is possible to reduce the demands on the customers. This will allow to approve loans more often and to count on to borrowers more favorable rates personal.

Maternity capital will issue automatically

After registration of the child in the registry office information about it is transferred to the Pension Fund. From April 15 certificates for maternity capital will be issued automatically by the Federal law of 01.03.2020 N 35‑FZ on the basis of these data. To get the document saved with the adoption of the old rules need to apply to FIU.


April 1 comes into force the situation the Bank of Russia from 04.12.2018 N 5000‑the Decree of the Central Bank of coefficients of insurance tariffs for CTP. In accordance with it will be recalculated the coefficient of bonus‑Malus (MSC) for each driver. If during the previous 12 months he had an accident, then it KMB will rise. The cost of insurance accordingly. If the accident was not — reduced.

Taxes and contributions

FNS will report the debt to the SMS

The IRS will be able once a quarter to inform the Federal law from 29.09.2019 N 325‑FZ of debtors of arrears, fines and penalties via email or SMS. The innovation will affect only those who will sign written consent.

Banks will tell the IRS more about their customers

Now banks will have to direct the Federal law from 29.09.2019 N 325‑FZ on information, that person has gained or lost the right to use an e-wallet. How to assure FNS has denied media reports the tax assessment for all outstanding receipts to the Bank cards of citizens in the service, doing this will only for requests within the framework of a tax audit.

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