What is the future for mp Catherine Fournier?

Quel avenir pour la députée Catherine Fournier?

Photo: Valerian Mazataud The Duty
The member for Marie-Victorin, Catherine Fournier, has summoned the press on Monday before noon in order to make the point on his political future”.

The Parti québécois will be there always be the second opposition group in the national Assembly at the end of the release member of parliament ? Nothing is less sure.

The member for Marie-Victorin, Catherine Fournier, has summoned the press on Monday before noon in order to make the point on his political future “.

Fears that the elected 26-year-old take the path of the exile were great, Sunday evening, in the staff of the PQ. Gathered in the evening, the acting chief, Pascal Bérubé, and the other members of the executive had no idea of the intentions of Ms. Fournier.

Information according to which the young mp was considering leaving the caucus, the PQ had reached the ears of the Duty there is less than a month. Mrs. Fournier had then assured that it would perform all of its elective mandate of four years as a member of the parliamentary group of the parti québecois.

Close to the ex-head of Option nationale, Jean-Martin Aussant, Ms. Fournier has thought long and hard since the historic defeat of the 1st October last, of ways of raising — or even rebuilding — the PQ and, more broadly, the pro-independence movement.

Unless a program change, Jean-Martin Aussant and she are both expected next march 31 at the restaurant The Crossroads of Chambly in order to participate in a panel on the future of the PQ — or how to revive our hopes “.

The departure of Catherine Fournier of the caucus parti québécois to sit as an independent — to the sides of the mna for Chomedey, Guy Ouellette — would transform the portrait in the blue Room at parliament. In fact, with a mp of less, the PQ would lose its status of the second opposition group, for the benefit of Québec solidaire, which has ten members.

With nine members, the PQ will have to engage in a new battle to be recognized by other political formations such as the parliamentary group.

Catherine Fournier was re-elected five months ago in the riding of Marie-Victorin Longueuil (quebec) with a 705-vote majority on the candidate of the Coalition avenir Québec. She had made her entry to the national Assembly after having obtained the support of 52.5 % of voters in the part of the December 5, 2016, which is necessary due to the departure of Bernard Drainville of the political life.

A year ago, Catherine Fournier welcomed the end of the exile of Jean-Martin Aussant, who had decided to stand for election in the riding of Pointe-aux-Trembles under the banner of the PQ. “I am more than happy for it to return to the fold to contribute to this great victory of the election of next October 1st, but especially to that of the mandate of 2022, at which time we will fulfill our objective is to achieve the independence of Quebec. I believe in it firmly. This is the time to rally ! ” she declared.


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