what awaits Aries, Virgo, Pisces and other signs of the Zodiac – UNIAN

what awaits Aries, Virgo, Pisces and other signs of the Zodiac – UNIAN

Prescription for Saturday, July 17, from astrologers: more positive thoughts and emotions.

There was a horoscope for July 17 / photo slovofraza.com

On Saturday, July 17, astrologers advise against making important decisions or making large purchases.

This is stated in the horoscope for Today, writes “1001 horoscope“.


Horoscope stars advise Aries not to relax on this day and not to surrender the won positions. Show your competitor your teeth!


On Saturday, Taurus will not be in tune for labor exploits. He will experience burnout and fatigue.


The stars of the horoscope promise that it will not be easy for Gemini on July 17 to enter a normal rhythm.


Today in business Cancer will be guided by the rule: “Work is not a wolf, it will not run away into the forest!”


Leo should use this day with the greatest benefit for himself. The main thing is that his play is delicate and subtle.

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Virgo on July 17 will make plans for her enrichment all day. But do not rush to bring them to life.


Libra on Saturday will be able to show all their hidden talents, quickly and clearly coping with a huge amount of work.


Scorpio runs the risk of losing something on this day. We can talk about very specific things.


During the day, any surprises are possible: the stars of the horoscope warn Sagittarius that the situation will develop unpredictably.


Capricorn on July 17 may face such a problem as the superficiality and carelessness of others.


On this day, time works against Aquarius: all day he is able to be late somewhere.


Horoscope stars warn: others will provoke Pisces to enter into some kind of dispute, but you should not give in to this impulse.

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