Weights Pre-Olympic will gather 26 nations after tickets for Tokyo 2020

    Weights Pre-Olympic will gather 26 nations after tickets for Tokyo 2020

    The Minister of Education and president of the Organizing Committee of the Senior Weightlifting Championship today defined the holding of the contest on Dominican soil as a gigantic challenge for the country.

    Lawyer Roberto Fulcar also said that those responsible for the Organizing Committee are prepared to show the nations of America the organizational capacity and hospitality of the Dominicans.

    Fulcar spoke of the importance of the Olympic Qualifier towards Tokyo 2020, which will be held from the 18th to the 25th of this month in the José Joaquín Puello pavilion in Parque del Este, by leading a press conference with Olympic leaders, the Fedompesas and the Committee Organizer.

    He specified that everything is assured so that the country behaves as worthily as possible with the guests who will come to compete on behalf of 26 nations of the American Continent.

    The highest executive of the Organizing Committee presided over the meeting with the press, accompanied by the member of the International Olympic Committee, Luis Mejía; Antonio Acosta, head of the Dominican Olympic Committee; Spencer Fragoso, director of Border Development and member of the Committee; Frank de la Mota, administrative and financial vice minister of the Sports Ministry and William Ozuna, president of the Dominican Federation of Weights.

    There was also Carlos Doñé, to whose late father, Nelly Manuel Doñé, the championship will be dedicated.

    The meeting with the press was held this Wednesday in the conference room of the Dominican Sports Museum, located in the Juan Pablo Duarte Olympic Center.

    “I must tell you that I was surprised when they appointed me to head this committee, a challenge that I accepted convinced that everything that is for the good of sport we must accept it with integrity as a way of being able to articulate with other areas of government to strengthen sport”.

    Fulcar revealed that they have been working intensely hand in hand with the Ministry of Sports and its minister, the engineer Francisco Camacho.

    “Hand in hand with Miderec and the Weightlifting Federation, it gives me immense pleasure to accompany them in this responsibility, not only for the national sport, but also for the nation. It is a country commitment ”, he said.

    Government commitment

    The Minister of Education also referred to the great commitment that the President of the Republic, Luis Abinader, has with sports.

    In that vein, he expressed that the country knows the commitment that the president has with sports and with its front-line actors, “how are our athletes”

    “As the Ministry of Education, we are standing up for the government and reiterating the commitment that President Abinader has with this event and we are prepared to show the world what we Dominicans are when organizing championships such as the Pan American of Weights ”.

    Ensures health protocols

    In another order, Fulcar guaranteed that the Pre-Olympic will be held with all possible sanitary measures.

    “Everything that has to do with health and prevention, with free PCR tests for all visitors, and with the application of physical distancing, is fully guaranteed,” he emphasized.

    The championship will be the last qualifier in the Americas for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, scheduled to take place from July 23 to August 8 this year in the Japanese capital.

    The best athletes on the continent and the Dominicans will fight to make their respective hopes for a ticket to the Tokyo Olympics come true.

    The introductory words were pronounced by the lawyer William Ozuna, who highlighted the level of progress in which the organization works are.

    He stressed that thanks to the support of the government, through various public institutions led by the Ministries of Education and Sports, the championship will be a reality on Dominican soil.

    For his part, Vice Minister Franklin de la Mota represented the Ministry of Sports and Minister Francisco Camacho, who could not be present due to a health issue.

    While the head of the Olympic Committee, Antonio Acosta, thanked the government for the great support it has been giving to the sport. “Now we only have to harangue our athletes in their quest to qualify for the Olympics,” said Acosta.

    Luisín Mejía reported that, as a member of the International Olympic Committee, he is in charge of the supervision so that the event runs without trauma and sanitary protocols are respected so as not to put national athletes or those from other nations at risk.

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