Weekly decree affects the economy, says union – Nationals

    Weekly decree affects the economy, says union – Nationals

    The short period of the health decrees generate uncertainty and negatively impact the sales of MSMEs, the Fedemipymes union denounces and highlights that the control of restrictions continues to fail.

    April 10, 2021 – 01:00

    The Paraguayan Federation of MSMEs is very concerned because the decrees come out for only eight days and although they have already explained that it is based on the epidemiological situation of the pandemic, it is generating such great uncertainty that it is seriously affecting many MSMEs, it reported yesterday the vice president of the union, Sonia Cáceres.

    “Due to the uncertainty installed in the economy, due to the weekly decrees, it is that the activities are notoriously in decrease, the sales in general fall; holiday rental houses are offering their assets for sale; the owners of soccer fields and the like are also in that plan; everything that refers to sports is very bad, the sportswear manufacturing workshops are not working even at 10% ”, he explained. He added that festive and social events, which in themselves have restrictions, were notably reduced in quantity, today it is close to 25%; at the same time, the restaurants also notice a sharp decline in clientele.

    “We insist that the Government continues to fail to control the restrictive measures, which are real and effective. Likewise, it is necessary for the Government to be agile in the processes of restructuring the credits that are not being given, because the Fogapy loans are already maturing ”, he claimed.

    He also said that the restructuring was already defined a month ago; The Central Bank of Paraguay decided to send the regulations that are not yet available, therefore the credits that had a one-year grace period, today still cannot be paid, because the income is not being produced, as explained.

    Cáceres explained that in the working groups it is proposed to analyze the credits, case by case, which is not appropriate with regard to the Enabling Agricultural Credit, because due to the amount it would not take too long, in 2023, the renewal should be automatic.

    “All the economic and financial problems are what worries Fedemipymes, without diminishing the importance of the collapse of the health system, saturation of hospitals, but it must be considered that the economy and health must go hand in hand”, express.

    He stressed that the authorization to work should no longer be selective for certain areas, because we all have to work, complying with the health protocol to avoid the spread of covid-19.

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