“We are not a team that can underestimate anyone”

    “We are not a team that can underestimate anyone”

    Capitol defeated Goes and achieved his second win in a row. The Juan Wenzel team emblem was once again the protagonist and after the game he spoke with Básquet Total.

    Capitol knew how to go through the same situation as Goes. These were the first sensations of number 6 of the meadow: “We knew from the situation that Goes is going through, we live it and it is one more reason to get rebellious, to appreciate that you are playing. Fortunately for us the wait was shorter, only five days of great anxiety and against Malvín we came out with everything, with a barbaric desperation to play. So we knew that could happen with Goes, although they lacked a lot more players. But we too and they were two starters, we are not a team that can underestimate anyone at any time and in this situation less. “

    “We played strong from the start, we defended hard. We did not manage to flow much at the start stubborn with the low post, but we did 25 very good minutes and with that he gave us to manage the income of the game “He ended by saying about the key to the game.

    In this duel and with the last minute loss of Anthony Dandridge, the team had to rotate more and Wenzel was one of those who played the most, the rotation being vital to bring victory to the Prado: “We were unemployed for five days, we played with Malvín where the starters were dead, most of them played 38 minutes, we had to do a special job of a few days of quiet and recovery. Knowing that we not only played today (yesterday) but we also played on Saturday afternoon, there are not even 48 hours of rest, so it was very important to give room to the rotation and we had it, in very key positions such as 1 and 5 with Bascou and Harrison who played much less than against Malvín ”.

    To finish, Juan spoke about the situation in the League, losing matches at the desk, suspensions, quarantines and how the player lives it: “We knew the rules of the game beforehand, so you can’t go out crying because they get a point from you on the desks. We had to live the Covid issue, no one is safe and it can happen to anyone. In fact, there are two more teams waiting for swabs. It is unfortunate, but they want to play two leagues this year and there is no time for suspensions at this time to postpone and then put El Metro and the other League. They are the rules of the game, we must try to take care of each one, value what we have and try not to walk on the lap, not to go out ”.

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