Vyalbe: Ustyugov vindictive

The President of Federation of ski races of Russia Elena Vjalbe has compared Russian skiers Alexander Bolshunova and Sergey Ustyugov. In the overall standings of the last world Cup Bolshunov took first place, Ustyugov — eighth.

“They are completely different people, they have different personalities. Sasha faster forgiving, Serge — no, he is also vindictive. Maybe this has to do with the fact that he recently fell that wasn’t supposed to stick. A lot of injustice. To survive and digest all of this psychologically very hard.

It’s one thing when you lose in the fight, the other when the sheer injustice, as it happened with Ustyugov. What do you mean not invited to the Olympics? Like talking about the wedding a” — quoted by TASS Vyalbe.

Ustyugov was not admitted to the Olympics in 2018 in Pyeongchang. Bolshunov on past Games won three silver and one bronze medals.

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