Vyalbe: Ustyugov got a little carried away, he is constantly on instagram

The President of Federation of ski races of Russia (FLGR) Elena Vyalbe admitted that he does not approve of the excessive activity of Russian skiers in social networks. According to Vyalbe, abuse of social networks has become Sergey Ustyugov.

“Everything should be in moderation. Never told that prohibit social network. Maybe I don’t want them a month before the world Cup every day exposed, like train or something. During the competition I do not really welcome it. When you see that the athlete one hour before the start puts some sort of picture, realize that it is not concentrated at the start. Understand why foreigners do this the same Johannes Clabo. It’s advertising, it’s their money. In our country would be a little different. If it will offer tens of millions of dollars, perhaps Bolshunov think.

Sergey Ustyugov now a little bit enthusiastic about this. He is constantly on Instagram. No time to use it — already puts some photos, is direct broadcast. Yeah, that’s good, he has a lot of subscribers. But this is not his main work,” said Vyalbe broadcast “Match TV”.

Earlier Ustyugov posted in Instagram video with a walk with a two-month daughter.

Video can be viewed on the “Championship”.

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