Volkov: in Russia, Emelianenko is trying to look like an alpha male

Russian MMA fighter Alexander Volkov has commented on a possible fight between Alexander Emelianenko and Alexander Shlemenko.

“This is a predictable move by Emelianenko. Here in Russia he’s trying to look like the alpha male, causing everyone to fight, not choosing expressions at the same time.

However I must say that when he challenge guys who are willing to compete with him, heavyweight, professional boxers, for some reason he tries these calls not to notice. Choose middleweights. The person weighs 120 kg and selects the opponents that weigh 84 kg. To earn the audience’s money and his understanding is right.

A prediction for the fight? From Emelianenko has the advantage in size, weight. He is a heavyweight, will be more enduring. From Shlemenko has a big chance to fight correctly with Emelianenko and win. Emelianenko will have the advantage.

It is important, as Emelianenko said about Shlemenko, challenged him to a battle phrases that in a normal society is unacceptable. He made a mistake with Shlemenko, Alexander does not suffer from the fear of the opponent. Here it’s more like the call on the weak. I would not want to Shlemenko went for it and took this fight,” — said Alexander Volkov in an interview with YouTube channel “Allow you to interrupt.”


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