VIDEO – Under the sun : Adeline Blondieau settles accounts with the production

VIDÉO – Sous le soleil : Adeline Blondieau règle ses comptes avec la production

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This Friday, may 22, Adeline Blondieau has shared his bad memories of the filming of the series Under the sun, the series that has yet made famous. Her role of Caroline Drancourt, woman beaten and mistreated by men, had managed to rub off on her.

For more than ten years, Adeline Blondieau interpreted the character of Caroline Drancourt, one of the main characters of the series Under the sun. During her stint in the show It starts today on France 2 on Friday, 22 may, the former actress now she is a relaxation therapist at the healthy way of life reveals that he has known a long hiatus. In particular, due to the very difficult role she had to play. ” The production was put in the head to make me a role that was his time to suffer, to be mistreated. And I asked them to change it, because for me, to make me hit on, insult, cocufier… at some point it became too heavy and I asked them to change and they told me ‘oh no, it is not possible’. “

Following this refusal, Adeline Blondieau has felt more locked in the chaos of life in her character. “When the whole day you do scenes where you get to insult, bully, where there is an atmosphere of terrible because all the scenes are heavy… You do it for weeks and weeks, you are suffering “, she adds. A character that the production wanted to continue to be placed in the victim, despite the requests of Adeline Blondieau to change the scenario : ” I was not well and so I asked them if it was possible to change. They told me no, that I was boring. I said, ‘well, listen, so much the worse, in these cases, I return not’.”

“One day the body shuts down “

And Adeline Blondieau, the ex of Johnny Hallyday, has decided to change his life, it is also due to the pulsating rhythms of the filmmaking and its burn-out. I find that shooting humanly it is very difficult, and that it is a life in which one leaves you not much to your privacy, it takes you a lot of things : your time, your health.. That all the world doesn’t care in fact “, she said, before concluding : ” that is to say, burn-out, it is not only when one works too much, this is also when we work too much and that there was little of personal pleasure. I build by pulling on the machine by pulling on the rope and saying ‘it’s going, four hours of sleep per day it’s going wide’. And then it pulls, it pulls on the string and then one day the body shuts down “.

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