Video: this is a pit stop in Formula 1 from the eyes of the mechanics

    Video: this is a pit stop in Formula 1 from the eyes of the mechanics

    The world of Formula 1 it is full of very particular details. However, there is a job that is essential to win races or important points in the fight for the championship: the pit stop. The mechanics who are next to the cars every time it enters to change tires or make a repair, are usually decisive in races.

    In the last hours, a video shared by the team went viral AlphaTauri on their social networks. There fans can see what a pit stop looks like from the eyes of the ‘Man with the Gun’, as he is known in the paddock. This person is in charge of carrying the hydraulic gun that removes and adjusts the tire nuts in their hands.

    Unlike in other years, the pit stops today are the fastest in the history of Formula 1. The team that works best with this technique is Red Bull, that the last Grand Prix made a two-second pit stop. In other words, at this time the mechanics changed the four tires and made some small repairs, almost imperceptible in the eyes of the fans.

    In previous years, especially at the beginning of the category, pit stops lasted more than 15 seconds. In the 1957 Nürburgring Grand Prix, Juan Manuel Fangio it took him more than thirty seconds to make his pit stop. Many gave up the race, but the Argentine not only overcame the difference, but also won the race comfortably.

    Then over the years, the mechanics were perfecting the changes. The arrival of the famous refueling, which allowed cars to refuel each time they entered the pits. This was banned in 2008, when Felipe Massa He caused an accident on his way out onto the track, where he took the fuel hose and almost ran over a mechanic.


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