VIDEO – Michel Cymes responds to criticism : “Nobody has expected the ravages of this virus”

VIDÉO – Michel Cymes répond aux critiques : “Personne n’a prévu les ravages de ce virus”

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For several days, a violent storm of criticism down on Michel Cymes. It accuses him of having spoken at the outset of the coronavirus, such as a simple flu. The doctor was keen to defend this Thursday, march 26, in You the word on France 2.

Wednesday, march 25, Michel Cymes was revealed on the plateau of C you have received an e-mail to ask him to come in aid to the nurse-to-end in the fight against the sars coronavirus. A mission that he has, of course, accepted, but that has not prevented the doctor from coming on this Thursday evening on the plateau, You have the floor. The opportunity for him to look back on the many criticisms of which it is the object for several days. It is said to have downplayed the violence of the virus and comparing it to a simple flu. Jean-Pierre Foucault,Didier Raoult… The list of those who have taken him very long.

Michel Cymes is tired and he has to know. ” No one, no scientist in the world was able to predict that the virus would do as much damage “, he explained in the broadcast of France 2. ” In December, when he left China in January when it begins to spread and even the beginning of February, no one in the medical community worldwide has not said ‘be Careful, it’s going to be a disaster’ “, recalled one who had already done his mea culpa on France 5 on the 16th of march last, before specifying that ” it is possible because this virus is new and unprecedented “.

A virus that is party to a few people in China. Difficult at first to imagine that it will spread over the entire planet so quickly. It is, therefore, angry with those who make him the lesson, so that his speech was, according to him, the majority of doctors. However, the coronavirus has already been over 1 500 deaths in France, so many accused him of understating the situation on the plateau of Daily on march 10. ” There is a trial in the minimization. Today, there are plenty of people who say : ‘Yes, you’ve minimised… policy, the doctors, how you have been able to minimize so that we knew that it was serious ?’ No ! it is fake ! “, protested Michel Cymes in You have the floor. Not sure that that was clear enough to put an end to the controversy.


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