VIDEO – Michel Cymes, called in reinforcement to the hospital, picks up : “I’m going to do obviously “

VIDÉO – Michel Cymes, appelé en renfort à l’hôpital, reprend du service : « Je vais le faire évidemment »

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Michel Cymes seems to leave the tray C to you. However, in order to provide backup to the nurses overworked, the doctor is called in to desert a little tv to resume service. A new that he has announced this Wednesday, march 25, in the programme of France 5.

The coronavirus has again taken up all the space in C to you this Wednesday 25 march. After the interview of the minister of Health Olivier Véran, this is Michel Cymes that interviewed Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. On 16 march, just before the start of the confinement, he came in a French tv show 5 to do his mea culpaand express his regrets for having spoken too readily of the coronavirus at the time when the epidemic started to hit in France.Now, while the situation has worsened, and that the threshold of 1 000 people died on the French soil has been exceeded, the presenter of It will not come out of hereis called to the rescue in the fight against the Covid-19. The doctor, who is not the cup of tea of Didier Raoult (who has left the scientific council is consulted by the Elysée), comes to learn that he is requisitioned, so that his consultations are at a standstill to comply with the measures in force.

“For now, we didn’t need to go there, and this afternoon I received an email actually asking me if I was a volunteer for nursing services where the nurses were to end, and that I find that extraordinary because I’m going to do it, of course, like all my fellow volunteers “, explains the doctor who is going to truly put themselves in the shoes of a nurse because this is where the need is most urgent. He says that he wants to put himself ” at the level of what is expected “ of him. We are expected to relieve the nurses and not the medicine. It does not ask us to listen to patients, but nursing care, infusions, aid. And this is what we will do “, precise in C to you Michel Cymes which wishes to emphasize the ” incredible solidarity “ , which is organized between the doctors and the entire nursing staff.

The announcement of Michel Cymes comes at a time when the health staff is overworked by this health crisis and some hospitals are already overloaded. The president and Emmanuel Macron went to Mulhouse to see the construction in just a few days to a military hospital with at least 30 beds of resuscitation that will be able to accommodate patients with Covid-19.


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