VIDEO – Laurence Sailliet (TPMP) : the former spokesperson of the Republicans dare a confidence very intimate

VIDÉO – Laurence Sailliet (TPMP) : l’ancienne porte parole des Républicains ose une confidence très intime

The atmosphere was very warm this march 24, in tonight at Baba. The former spokesperson of the Republican Laurence Sailliet, confined to a single person, has permitted a few confidences quite daring.

In this period of confinement, Cyril Hanouna manages to be regularly airing on C8 with its chroniclers. A video-conference or by telephone, all this small world debate and fight (almost !) as in tea. In the edition of 24 march of This evening Baba, the former spokesman of the Republicans and new recruit of the show Laurence Sailliet was once again left to go to the confidences olé olé.

As often with Cyril Hanouna, the discussion has come down below the belt and if Benjamin Castaldi, Eric Naulleau, or Gilles Verdez were rather sober, Laurence Sailliet was, she frankly dropped. After has been very critical of the interview with prime minister Edouard Philippe by Anne-Sophie Lapix, the woman has to face the uncomfortable questions of Cyril Hanouna, to which she replied without taboo. This is your kind of guy Edouard Philippe ?” he starts the moderator without warning. It’s not bad“, he then responds Laurence Sailliet without hesitation. The one who had left with a bang its functions among The Republicans to join the team of Cyril Hanouna, in fact, lives his confinement in single !

And if Edouard Philippe seems to be to its taste, it is another man who has his preference. If you were to spend one night with Nicolas Sarkozy or Edouard Philippe, who would it be ? did not hesitate to asked Cyril Hanouna. After responding that she kept “two“, Laurence Sailliet has finally confessed that “Sarkozy” was his preference. Always a Republican in his heart“, finally concluded the host.


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