VIDEO – Jean-Pierre Pernaut, confined and pampered by his children

VIDEO – Jean-Pierre Pernaut confiné et chouchouté par ses enfants

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Confined for a few days at the request of TF1, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has made an appearance in Key not at my post, renamed tonight at Baba ! the time of the period of confinement imposed by the government to fight against the coronavirus. The opportunity for the conductor of the JT 13H to enjoy to the maximum of its children, who take delight in indulging more than ever.

Jean-Pierre Pernaut lack many of the faithful of JT from mid-day in TF1, since he agreed with the first string to preserve his health, leaving his place to Jacques Legros, his joker for years. “TF1 has preferred to put me in confinement with the small health problems that I’ve had a few months ago“, explained the journalist who fought prostate cancer last year. Confined to his home, Jean-Pierre Pernaut has accepted the Tuesday, march 24 at the invitation of Cyril Hanouna in Touche pas à my post, renamed tonight at Baba ! in the framework of the measures taken by the government, prohibiting any gathering and make it impossible to have the presence on television.

It is, therefore, a video-conference that Jean-Pierre Pernaut is appeared in the emission of Cyril Hanouna, alongside his wife Nathalie Marquay. The journalist took the opportunity to explain that he continued to work for the chain, which has installed a mini studio in his home. “Every day I have my small intervention at 13H. I am monitored by my wife, painted by my daughter, lit by my son, “said, laughing, Jean-Pierre Pernaut. A few days earlier, Nathalie Marquay published on his page Instagram a photo of their daughter, Lou, brush in hand to redo a small beauty to his father. The team spirit and family !


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