VIDEO – Estelle (Don’t forget the lyrics) reveals what she wants to do with his winnings

VIDEO – Estelle (N'oubliez pas les paroles) révèle ce qu'elle veut faire de ses gains

With 74 000 euros of gains, Estelle is the new maestro of Don’t forget the lyrics on France 2. This Wednesday, march 25, the young woman told nagui (French speacker) it had to do with this lovely amount. A project that should delight his two children.

It is she who now has the microphone money. Estelle, the new maestro of Don’t forget the lyrics has eleven entries and 74 000 euros of gain. At each new issue, the young woman triumphs in the face of his opponents. And it does not stop there, since she knows more than 600 songs. To learn, it had entrusted its working method to nagui (French speacker) on the plateau of France 2. “I started in the spring of 2019, but in me stopping because I thought I couldn’t pass up the selections immediately. I really started in December 2019 (…)I wrote at least 600 songs, it helps to learn”.

While its jackpot grows as emissions, Estelle now has a clear idea of what she wants to do with his winnings. When questioned on this topic by the moderator, she confided to want most of all, spending time with his children. “I wish that we could offer with my children, music lessons. Because it was a desire we had at the start of September last, when choosing the activities for the children, etc, I felt like we had an activity in common, all three.”

And everyone already has a very precise idea of what he wants to do. “She wants to do with the battery, my daughter wants to take singing lessons, because she loves to sing, and I wanted to do the piano. And so, because I wanted to go there the same day…”. The best way for the whole family to spend time together , to make up for the moments lost during the preparation of the game show. The mother of this family had sacrificed time with their children in order to be ready for the show. Obviously, the work paid off.


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