VIDEO – Cécile Bois, contaminated, and ” always tired “, gives his new

VIDÉO – Cécile Bois, contaminée et « toujours fatiguée », donne de ses nouvelles

Cécile Bois has been found to have been affected by the coronavirus. In form but still not completely healed, the heroine of Candice Lenoir gave its new on the antenna of Cnews on Thursday 26 march.

Cécile Bois has been a part of the bad news on his account Instagram. Tuesday 24 march, the heroine of the series Candice Lenoir confided to her fans that she had been affected by the coronavirus : “I am output. It’s been 17 days today (Monday, march 23, editor’s note) that I had my first symptoms,” said she, in a video, before explaining with candor : “the last week was the week of my confinement was not funny at all. I was scared enough as every time one has the impression that all of a sudden you wringing out your lungs and that you may not return to air”. Fortunately, the country doctor who was framed has been able to find the right words and take care of it.

A message full of optimism

Still not quite healed, Cécile Bois has once again given its new this Thursday, march 26 to Jean-Marc Morandini by phone. “So today, I still have this veil on the lungs, but not suffocating me more, that me out of breath just. I have no temperature but I still have the nose taken, I always have the voice muted, I am always tired. But as long as I can breathe, I can tell you that it will explained the actress. A message full of optimism and proves that she continues to fight to go to the best. In the end of the call, Cécile Bois has reminded viewers of the importance of stay at home and observe the gestures barriers, explaining that the terrible situation she had to live, “she wanted to person“.


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