Vesnina: the generation of Safin had such attitude, like Medvedev or Rublev

The former first racket of the world in doubles Olympic champion in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 Elena Vesnina evaluated the current generation of Russian men’s tennis — Daniel Medvedev, Andrei Rublev and Karen Hechanova.

“In the Russian men’s tennis came the recession, when it took a generation Kafelnikov, Safin, and then Davydenko, southern, Andreev, Tursunov. The guys were playing, but good results were not. A generation Medvedev, Rublev and Hechanova grew up in the matches Safin and Davydenko. For them, they were idols, which they subconsciously copied, watching their games on TV.

Of course, tennis in General took on a whole other level. Previously, players were mostly by themselves, and now everyone at the top level of the whole team. Everyone is serious about tennis, you know that we need investments in order to achieve something. They realized that they need to take lessons from such great Champions like Djokovic or Federer. Daniel, Karen and Andrew — true professionals. No offense to the guys of previous generations, but they have such attitude was not.

Now any successful tennis player is including a businessman. You need to be popular among fans, sponsors and journalists. You need to arouse the interest of the public to speak good English. Our boys are now popular around the world, they go to the people filling the stands. They are put on the Central courts, and this is an indication that they are highly rated,” said Vesnina in a joint broadcast with Mary Team in Instagram.

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