Vatutin: the “emergency” to the title of some of the teams no one will take seriously

The President of CSKA Andrey Vatutin has shared his thoughts on whether it is possible to take seriously the title of VTB United League this season, if the tournament decides to fix the outcome of the current championship standings.

“A”paper champion” it will always be a paper champion, and to “Neposedi” CSKA in this situation are completely relaxed. We are now fourth in the Euroleague and the second in the VTB United League, and for us it does not matter who called the winner. To win and lose should be on the floor. Even if we were now in first place in the regular season for both tournaments, I would think the same way.

You know, Phil Jackson once said that victory “San Antonio” in the championship of the NBA, shortened because of the lockout of 1998, should be marked with an asterisk in the almanac of the League. And then in the regular season was played 50 matches out of 82 and a full playoffs final series. I mean, in our case, to “emergency” to the title of some of the teams no one will take seriously”, — quotes the words Vatutina “Kommersant”.


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