Vatutin: Mike James — the strongest in Europe at his position and could be in demand in the NBA

President of the basketball club CSKA , Andrey Vatutin expressed the opinion that the 29-year-old American point guard “soldiers” Mike James is a key player of the club, which can be in demand in the NBA.

“If I was healthy I believe Cliburn, we would not be so dependent on the game, James, because will can take the initiative. He can play with the ball, he’s a creative player who can build the game. And potentially a bunch of James Kliberna seems to be very dangerous.

Due to injury, will we have enough players who can play, in basketball terminology, ballhandler with the ball. It so happened that Mike from the first game has taken responsibility, because he had never been afraid. And I can’t say that he wanted such a role at any cost, but the circumstances were such that he was not ashamed to become the leader of CSKA. This is both good and bad. You have people that can decide the outcome of a match that is guaranteed to score points.

I think that in attack he is the strongest in Europe at his position, along with Shane Larkin and Alexey Shved. James walks the viewer, this person is bright, these players in the current Euroleague, not so much. And I have no doubt that it can be in very high demand in the National basketball Association. We would like to continue the relationship. Will or not — the question of negotiations. Again, a bunch of Mike James and Willie Cliburn — it is potentially fire. They’re good mates and it can be a plus on the floor.

James appeared last summer in the market unexpectedly, no one imagined that he would be expelled Milan. I had in July was a birthday, and instead of the holiday coach by phone decide whether to sign or not to sign him,” Vatutin said in an interview to “Kommersant”.


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