Vatutin: if De Colo, Rodriguez and Higgins wanted to, I would stay in CSKA

President of the basketball club CSKA , Andrey Vatutin told how the club postponed the departure of Nando De Colo, Sergio Rodriguez and Cory Higgins, noting that if the players wanted to remain part of the “soldiers”.

“Am I ready to admit that the basis of parting with the leaders, “persons” from CSKA: Nando De Colo, Sergio Rodriguez, Cory Higgins — it was a financial issue? Can say: if someone wanted to stay he would have stayed. It is primarily a question for the players themselves. No one of them do not have and cannot have claims with care. All fulfilled his mission at CSKA honest to the end. Two wins in the Euroleague proof. Someone just needed to change the city, the climate, someone looking for new challenges, someone more long contract, some more favorable than suggested CSKA. Each word was its own reason, their own motivation, and we should treat it with understanding.

To keep was impossible. All players objectively risen, and their desire to earn more is understandable. This is generally a normal situation for the team that wins the League. Moreover, I think that a reboot, albeit it turned out an incredibly ambitious, even more ambitious than we were expecting in may of last year, useful for the club, because you expire, get a new motivation, a new hungry players and go into the new campaign. It is most difficult for us, management, coaching staff, was to understand that you have to lose more often than we used for the last time. But again, this is simultaneously a strong challenge, test yourself with start from scratch, the need to re-take the hardships.

And then, in sports it is impossible to be always on top, keep the top up on a daily basis. The team won the Euroleague in 2019, has reached its ceiling. And other solutions, but to make changes we really not. Force anyone impossible to keep. Yes, I said it was the best team in my career that I regret about the breakup even not with players, but first and foremost people. But I hope there will be other teams that will be no less dear to me, no less successful”, — quotes the words Vatutina “Kommersant”.


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