Vasilyev: from “Cupid” comes a lot of good news. There are active signing

The defender “the Cupid” Valery Vasiliev commented on the new contract with the Khabarovsk club.

“After the end of the regular season a little rest in Abu Dhabi, then returned to Moscow, talked to the agent and gladly accepted the offer of “Cupid”. Well, a two-year term of contract has largely become a formality, such are the conditions of the CHL rules.

From Khabarovsk comes a lot of good news. Are actively signing — and Maxim Ignatovich, and Denis Golubev, and other players of “Cupid”. The core of the team remains — it’s a plus and it improves mood. Especially today, when the epidemic mostly are at home.

A lot has happened to me and the team, it is a pity that at the finish of the championship still missed a spot in the playoffs. Four goals in most, and overall six goals — it’s all a surprise, before so many did not score. At the end of the season is something to remember” — quoted by Vasiliev, Russia-Hockey.


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