Vandals have desecrated the grave of two-time Vice-champion f-1 Ronnie Peterson

In a cemetery in the city of örebro (Sweden) vandals destroyed three graves, one of which belonged to former Formula 1 driver Ronnie Peterson. The incident occurred at night on March 29.

“It seems that the tombstone Ronnie was not chosen by chance. He was the target of vandals”, — quotes the words of the abbess of the arrival of the Brits Winsten Aftonbladet.

Photo available on the page NA Twitter.

Peterson competed in Formula 1 from 1970 to 1978, for “March”, “Tyrell” and “Lotus”. At the Italian Grand Prix of the season 1978, the Swede has been in an accident. His car was thrown into a chipper, and after a frontal impact the car was lit up like a match. Peterson was pulled from the burning car, he has 27 broken bones. He underwent surgery, but the condition of the pilot began to deteriorate, and soon the Swedish rider did not.

At the end of the season he posthumously won second place in the championship. Peterson also became the second in 1971 and third in 1973.

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