Van de Beek for Adrian Rabiot, that’s United’s proposal

    Van de Beek for Adrian Rabiot, that’s United’s proposal

    The Manchester United He has an eye on the transfer market in order to improve his midfield for next season, one of the players he likes the most is Adrien rabiot, current player of the Juventus of Turin. The French midfielder has been an object of desire for those at Old Trafford for several seasons, since he was a player for the Paris Saint-Germain and it seems that they are finally going to make a move to try to get their services.

    The intention of the red devils, as reported by the British newspaper ‘DailyMail’, is to sit down and negotiate with Juve a possible exchange of players so that they do not lose money neither one nor the other in the operation and has put in the other side of the balance to Donny Van de Beek, a player who does not fit at all what Ole Solskjaer wants on the pitch. The Dutchman arrived as one of the great signings of the season but he is not scratching or ball so that all parties would see with good eyes an exchange for Rabiot since in his day, Juve also tried to sign him and is still looking for a player of his profile to complete your template.

    Exchange with many possibilities

    As we have already said, Manchester United seeks to reinforce the center of the field in the face of the possible departure of Paul Pogba and Adrien Rabiot is a player who would be more in line with what Solskjaer wants on the pitch, a player with less skill but with greater defensive benefits since he is a tactically perfect footballer and he is always in the place he has to be, in addition, he has a great physique to be the lung that the club needs behind Bruno Fernandes. Van de Beek is there, he is the perfect player Juve needs, a more balanced player with a great ability to try to organize the game, something the club has been missing since Pjanic left last summer.

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