UFC fighter Perry knocked out a stranger on the street and posted a video on “Instagram”

UFC fighter Mike Perry got involved in a street fight. Athletic easily beat the opponent by pinning him in a knockout. In this case the corresponding video he posted on his page in Instagram and told his version of what happened.

“This guy punched me in the mouth (why do you think they started to shoot videos). I have created a space, and he followed me, clenching his fists. When I took a fighting stance, he tried to escape, or he was distracted from the fact that bullied me. He wouldn’t stop, so I ended it. I threw jab/hook before he left. Could continue and finish it, but instead I left and started to chat with the police.

Those of you who think that they can treat me this way, believe me, better do not play with fire. When you attack, you can be happy, but when I answer, it would be very bad. Take care of yourself,” wrote Perry on his page in the social network.


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