UFC fighter Kevin Lee explained how the coronavirus will help Ferguson win Habib

According to the American MMA fighter Kevin Lee, the situation of the coronavirus, which worldwide mass transfer and cancel sports events, will help Tony Ferguson to defeat Habib Nurmagomedov. The fight was held in Brooklyn (new York) April 18, but there it is impossible to conduct because of restrictions on holding mass events. The UFC has not yet chosen a new battlefield.

“At first I thought that Khabib would win, especially after his bout with Dustin Pore. But after all the history of quarantine, I again favor the victory of Tony. Tony in such circumstances, trains for years, it generally does not affected by the quarantine, he always trains surrounded by a narrow circle of like-minded people.

But Habib has always around 20 people, and it is beyond the limit. So circumstances will affect him a lot stronger than Tony, especially on the week of fighting. Sometimes it’s not about who’s the best fighter, and who better showed itself. So what workouts I tend to win a Tony” — quoted If Allboxing.


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