U. of Chile | Manuel de Tezanos joins the criticism against Rafael Dudamel and demands “a sanction from the club”

    U. of Chile | Manuel de Tezanos joins the criticism against Rafael Dudamel and demands “a sanction from the club”

    Strong repercussions are being generated by the meeting that Rafael Dudamel held with some players from the University of Chile at home and in full quarantine, as personalities of the activity and even the Minister of Sports, Cecilia Pérez, questioned the situation.

    In this context, in Sports in Agriculture they analyzed the issue and Manuel de Tezanos did not save anything, since he affirmed that situations such as these can cause government authorities to decide to paralyze football.

    “It is enormously irresponsible for him and the University of Chile, which has already made a major error in the protocols. This kind of thing is irresponsible for the entire industry. There are no limits to see the scope that a suspension of football can have, the gigantic efforts that are being made to comply with protocols, to maintain the football bubble, ”he started saying.

    “All the players are doing the PCR before games, after games, before trips, they are exposed to commercial flights. Then, why talk if football stops, all the jobs that are associated with a club and that are stopped: from the rental of the buses, the people who fix the fields, the people who prepare the lunches, “he added.

    “If there is an exception that the Ministry of Sports and Health gives you, you have to act on that responsibility, which is gigantic, and hold a meeting at your home, a question that you can perfectly do for Zoom, is a huge irresponsibility, absolutely unnecessary, “he added.

    “Also, you have the courts and you can do it outdoors. What is the idea of ​​getting together and causing a disturbance or fear based in a building? What’s more, sorry for the expression, but how can it be so stupid to put yourself in the public eye, that is, if you are going to make a question that is half on the fringes or half on the edge of the law, at least do it. I can’t understand it from any point of view ”, he mentioned.

    “The leader of a group, the technical director of a team is the one who must set the example. For me, there must be a sanction from the club “, sentenced the sports journalist.

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