Tymoshchuk spoke about the situation with coronavirus in the “Zenith”

Coach and a former player of “Zenith” Anatoliy Tymoshchuk told how in the Petersburg club conduct prevention of coronavirus.

“As for the coronavirus, information on tests not so much, but the most common analysis — a smear from the oral cavity, nasal sinuses. And within one to three days processed tests. I think, there is reanalysis, but in any case, you suspect not. At the moment all in “Zenith” nothing is revealed.

In any case, players were given the recommendation to stay home until Monday. Thought the results will be ready by Monday, but luckily we got them before. Recommendations: try as little as possible to get out of the house, not to leave the territory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, to be in place, including to any discomfort the team doctors could examine the player.

As for the training process, there are now very many programs, different exercises. Don’t need any professional gear to do this. Don’t need weights or dumbbells, enough at home to squat, to do something on the site, if you live outside the city. “Zenith” has organised the distribution of bicycles for the players, I think this is the right step, professional athletes can’t reduce the load.

In General, everyone has the opportunity at home, even indoors, to cardio. The players know that they need it, in any case should be supported, even if it is not known when will be the matches.

In the near future will do training program. Players will come to the base individually, there will be all the necessary time frame, the players could just how it’s very easy to prepare and to exercise without risk of infection” — quoted Tymoshchuk “R-Sport”.

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