TVP fired the publisher of “Questions for Breakfast”? It went for the rainbow flag

TVP fired the publisher of “Questions for Breakfast”? It went for the rainbow flag

On Wednesday, July 14, an unusual situation occurred in “Question for breakfast”. The vocalist Karin Ann was invited to the studio to perform the song. At one point in her performance, the young artist pulled out a rainbow flag and addressed the audience:

I dedicate the song to the entire LGBTQ community in Poland, because you know what it all looks like. You deserve love, you deserve to be safe. I am with you, I am standing here with you and I love you “ she said into the microphone.

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The recording with Karin Ann quickly became a hit on the network, and Internet users openly laughed at what happened in the Polish Television, famous for its conservative views. Last week, Plejada asked TVP several times if it would take any consequences for the producers of the episode “Questions for breakfast”. We didn’t get a reply. Now the media has heard that the publisher of the lunch box has been fired.

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Polish Television is reacting to a “mishap” with a rainbow flag of layoffs?

As reported by, the publisher of the disastrous episode “Questions for breakfast” was fired because he did not react and did not soften the singer’s “rainbow message”.

According to unofficial information, after the program, its publisher, Radosław Bielawski, was called for an interview with his superiors, incl. head of publishers »Questions for breakfast« Cezary Jęksa and the head of the entertainment and setting agency Anna Cyzowska “ – we read on

TVP employees in anonymous conversations with the portal admit that the heads of the stations were to be disappointed with the publisher’s behavior and expected him to react immediately.

“It was immediately known that if heads fell, it would be the publisher’s head first. The main objection? Why didn’t it come off. I mean: why he didn’t take the girl off the vision. The management is convinced that it was possible, for example, to show the accompanying guitarist all the time or to darken the image“- said one of the station employees.

Another person added: “First, they said that Radek would be suspended. And that if there was a scandal at the top, they would be able to say that the publisher had already been fined. Maybe it would be enough. But on Saturday they thanked him quite for his cooperation. Denunciation? There is no notice, because for 12 years he has been on contracts for specific work “- informants reported.

Photo: Onet

Karin Ann with the rainbow flag she showed in “The Breakfast Question”

It is worth adding that Telewizja Polska has long removed the recording with the performance of Karin Ann from its services. After the information about the publisher’s dismissal came to light, Plejada once again asked TVP for a comment. We have not received an answer yet.

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