TV star Tommy Dorfman stands out as a trans woman – VG

TV star Tommy Dorfman stands out as a trans woman – VG

PREMIERE: Tommy Dorfman out on a fan in Los Angeles in June. Foto: Blair Raughley / Invision

American Tommy Dorfman (29), known from “13 Reasons Why”, will henceforth only be referred to as “her”.


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The actor speaks out in a major interview with Time. At the same time, she writes on Instagram on Thursday night that she is delighted to reintroduce herself to the outside world “as the woman she is today”.

«My pronouns are she / her», She writes under glamorous photos from the magazine photo shoot.

«I am especially grateful to all the trans people who have gone this way before me, broken barriers and risked their lives to live real and radical lives. Many thanks to all the trans women who have shown me who I am, how I can live, celebrate myself and claim my place in this world», Writes the 29-year-old.

Dorfman filled the role of Ryan Shaver in the Netflix hit “13 Reasons Why” from 2017-2020.

She tells Time that she has lived as a woman for the past year, but only in private. Now, however, it is over.

– It’s quite funny, there with “getting out”, because I have not moved, she says and adds that “she never really not was out”. Nevertheless, she has not felt safe enough to inform the public.

– But today it’s about being clear. I’m a trans woman. My name is Tommy.

She states that she has undergone medical procedures, and that “the transition is beautiful”.

Dorfman has 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Many thousands have commented during her most recent post.

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