“Toilet paper do not.” Boxer Lipiner — about the situation with coronavirus in the United States

Former world Boxing champion in the Welterweight Sergey Lipiner told how life has changed in the US in a pandemic coronavirus. The athlete returned to Russia since his fight scheduled for may 16, was cancelled.

“To go to the store in the United States. The authorities are not obliged to stay at home. On the roads congestion at all. Quite a few people on the ocean — run around, ride bikes. In the States you can fly, but admit only citizens.

All food for a week as closed. The food they give only to take away. To shops, sometimes the queue. And toilet paper at all. Water only sell one pack per person.

Apparently, the situation is really serious. In America for 50 years, has never closed a casino. And now they all don’t work like other agencies and institutions”, — quotes Lipintsi “Match TV”.


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