“This will be terrible for me” : Sidonie Bonnec bruised by the judgment of his show with Thomas Hugues

« Ce sera terrible pour moi » : Sidonie Bonnec meurtrie par l'arrêt de son émission avec Thomas Hugues

In an interview in Paris this Saturday 23 may 2020, Sidonie Bonnec is returned on the termination of his show, curiosity is a bad default, broadcast from 2014 on RTL. The facilitator revealed that she could not live without the radio !

Since September 2014, Sidonie Bonnec and Thomas Hugues presented the issue of curiosity is a bad default on RTL but according to Le Parisien, the station has decided not to renew for the next school year the program , which lasted more than 30 minutes and that was being broadcast from 14h to 14h30 every day. On the occasion of the broadcast on prime-time of its game Throughout the world his say on France 2, Sidonie Bonnec gave an interview to the Parisien, the opportunity to discuss the shutdown of its broadcast on RTL.

The mother of two children explained to our colleagues that she had many projects in addition to the game broadcast on France 2. “I have two book projects, including one with journalist Thomas Hugues, the image of our common issuance “curiosity is a bad default” on RTL,” she revealed. And to say a word about the announced phase out of it : “If it stops, then it is the leader on its edge for the past 6 years, this will be terrible for me, the team, the listeners. I’ll take my vote elsewhere because the radio is my life.

The confidences of Sidonie Bonnec leaves, however, to suggest that it does not yet have the certainty that The curiosity is a bad default, you will stop at the end of the month of June. Always is it that the bubbly blonde can enjoy the success of his daily All the world to have their say on France 2. “We went from 500 000 viewers in 2017, to 1.5 million on average today ! I love popular culture, with this game, we learn the origin of the expressions, the history, the etymology…” is also welcomed in from our colleagues.

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