This is what the guest bathroom in Blanka Lipińska’s new penthouse will look like. Tasteful? (PICTURES)

This is what the guest bathroom in Blanka Lipińska’s new penthouse will look like. Tasteful? (PICTURES)

Although the internship Blanka Lipińska in the “industry” is not particularly long, the writer of “mom porn” feels like a fish in the water in show business. The ambitious star has mastered creating hype around herself, thanks to which she can constantly count on the coveted publications on the web.

More than once, the long tongue caused a lot of trouble for the 35-year-old. Recently, for example, a celebrity has been exposed to a star 365 days, Michele Morrone a series of blatantly ill-considered accounts of how this “he hates Italy for literally everything”.

Despite minor “adversities” White may have a lot to be pleased about at present. As the writer’s book series and netflix screening of eroticism turned out to be a huge success, Blania has mended her home budget and is now squandering hard-earned money on all sorts of frills. In this way, Lipińska could afford building your dream apartment and device according to your taste, not taking into account the costs.

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At the beginning of July, the designer who is friends with Lipińska showed on Instagram a visualization of a 20-square-meter wardrobe, in which Blanka will finally be able to house her impressive collection of designer clothes. Lipińska dreamed of it modern and minimalist interior, decorated in dark colors. Now it turns out that the guest bathroom in Blani’s penthouse will be in the same style. On Saturday, Aleksandra Ziarek’s instagram profile posted photos of the “luxurious” toilet, which will be dominated by concrete, metal and marble.

This is what the guest bathroom will look like in the new apartment of Blanka Lipińsia – wrote Ziarek. We wanted to play with contrast, form, light and variety of materials, creating a coherent and modern space. Managed to?

While most commentators expressed their admiration for Blanka’s “futuristic” bathroom, there were a few people who pointed out some of its shortcomings.

Beautiful but not practical unfortunately. Where do you put your hand soap?

I personally don’t like the black wall. Well, it’s a matter of taste.

Very pretty. But guys, it looks like they’re going to be keeping their toiletry bag on the ground

See what Blanka’s guest bathroom will look like. Tasteful?

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