This is what Huawei’s electric car looks like: Get ready Apple

    This is what Huawei’s electric car looks like: Get ready Apple

    Tech giants are increasingly interested in the automotive industry, being Apple the one in charge of making more headlines with the launch of her own vehicle, while Xiaomi has already confirmed its investment of up to $ 10 billion in electric cars. However, Huawei has gone ahead and has just presented the first official image of its first ecological model, although yes, in collaboration with the Chinese manufacturer BAIC.

    Next year is coming

    Huawei has previously worked with automakers as it has been in charge of supply software to different brands. Now, the Chinese technology giant has just confirmed that it will present its first electric vehicle in a few days, although everything indicates that its work on the project has only focused, again, on the software. The car will be called ARCFOX αS HBT and is expected to go on sale next year.


    For now, this electric vehicle has only let us see its frontal, with sleek, darkened headlamps, a bonnet with a sharp line that gives it some muscle, and a bumper with a large lower air intake. The image of this model conveys a certain sportiness and it will be a high-end vehicle that will be equipped with a technological arsenal powered by Huawei, which includes Lidar sensors, 12 cameras, 13 ultrasonic radars and a dedicated chip capable of reaching 352 Tops (tera operations per second).

    This electric vehicle will be unveiled on April 17.

    The ARCFOX αS HBT will stand out as a level 3 autonomous vehicle, and Huawei would obviously integrate its smartphones into the general driving experience with access to some of its products, including navigation solutions and cloud services. It is still too early to know its specifications and the prices it will have when it hits the market, although these unknowns will be cleared up soon.

    What about Apple?

    Compared to Huawei, which focuses more on the tech side of the car, Apple wants to build an electric car from scratch. That is why the company is tempted to work together with Foxconn, your long-time iPhone partner who is already building its flagship product. Such a company could manufacture the Apple Car according to the specifications and requirements of the Californian firm in a similar approach to that currently used for the iPhone.

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