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The extremely popular actor Ladislav Potměšil (+75) headed for the acting heaven, shining not only on the boards that signify the world, but also on the silver screen. Let’s recall his most famous film and series roles, which will remain in the hearts of viewers forever.

There was once a cop

When a cop is mentioned, immediately most people will be remembered by the head of the police school, Major Václav Maisner (Ladislav Potměšil), who is a fan of American film comedies about the police academy. The chief creates new curricula and introduces American methods to train new students.

Maisner has at his disposal clumsy representatives Kuře and Hrubec and an unforgettable graduate psychologist Kudláková, played by Jana Synková (77). Ladislav Potměšil in the comedy September and his performance is an acting concert. You could say that cop is one big one man show that will never get bored.

Disco story

In this hilarious film from 1987 played by Ladislav Potměšil, a single father, who is facing problems related to the adolescence of his only son Jirka Horáček (Rudolf Hrušínský nejml.). Ladislav Potměšil plays a caring father here, who experiences strength training.

The whole film was shot in Pilsen and he is accompanied by songs by Michal David. The actor was injured twice during the filming. During the scene at the station, he tore a muscle in his leg and cut himself badly while closing the glass door, but the spectator does not know anything about the actor’s performance. Two million viewers came to watch the film about youth and it was very successful. The second part was shot in 1991 and the sequel was financed exclusively from private sources. Ladislav Potměšil looks at the professional stripper Ála here and catches the “second sap”. She dyes her hair, dresses modernly, plays sports, goes to the sauna and tries to lose weight. Ale is courted and she doesn’t see that everyone is laughing. Here the actor Ladislav Potměšil transforms from a responsible father and perfectly portrayed the character of an aging manwho will do anything for a younger woman, even if it’s sometimes very funny. Ladislav Potměšil has earned great popularity with the audience with this role.


A popular sitcom from the environment of a small Prague company is a true picture of pub “chatter.”“. Very popular the series tells the story of extraordinarily hilarious events of daily regulars. Only Jan Kanyza, Bronislav Poloczek and Ladislav Potměšil appeared in all 52 works. The series was supposed to be a sequel after the death of director Jaroslav Dudek, but in the end it did not happen. Star cast (Petr Nárožný, Josef Dvořák, Jiří Menzel, Zuzana Bydžovská and others) was and still is is a guarantee of good fun. Each of the actors represents a certain personality type, Ladislav Potměšil alias Václav Novák plays a relatively fierce sovereign with a good heart and you can only love him for his role.

According to the information, it was Ladislav Potměšil who won the so-called reprise for other actors, which the management of the television did not like at the time. Sitcom Pub is like the only series in the history of TV Nova was shot in only one interior studio.

The most beautiful puzzle

In the role of king and father of the princess Veronika Khek Kubařová I know Ladislav Potměšil presented it in a beautiful fairy tale from Zdeněk Troška The most beautiful puzzle. The film from 2008 was very successful. Favorite the actor introduced himself in a different, unusual position. In the role of a wise king again confirmed his exceptional acting diversity. He could not complain about the shooting and cooperation with Zdeněk Troška, ​​but he did complain about the costume after filming a fairy tale in one of the interviews he stated: “An unpleasant memory of filming is that I was wearing a 15-kilo costume, a wig on my head, a stuck beard, a crown on my head and it was terribly hot. The beard was still peeling off and I immediately sweated the costume. “

Surgery in the rose garden

One of the big serial roles from recent years was the character of Dr. Čížek in the series Surgery in the Rose Garden. Many spectators, and especially female spectators, absolutely fell in love with Dr. Čížek.

Ladislav Potměšil filmed the series for three years and in the end the screenwriters let him die in a very emotional work. Years ago, the actor himself commented on this with his own humor: “Yes, it’s the last episode after three years of work that I’ve shot, I’ll be happy to look at it and enjoy it.”


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