“This is my sister!”: humanity in intimacy

«C’est ma sœur!»: l’humanité en toute intimité

Photo: Marie-France Coallier The duty
It is with a show like comedy music made of words, songs, and humor that Nathalie Derome is aimed at children.

While it is usually open to little ones, and sometimes adults, the multidisciplinary artist and director of the company of the words of the dynamite Nathalie Derome creates for the first time a show for children 4 to 7 years, a dive light and humorous to the heart of human relationships.

That’s my sister !, this is the story of three animals are very disparate, a squirrel, an ant and a sheep, who live in the forest, and, despite their differences, are brothers and sisters. We are going to live their daily lives, their sorrows, their joys, their betrayals, their reconciliations, ” sums up, in a tone very enthusiastic, Nathalie Derome on the phone. But, she says, ” what are the dynamics of family that interested me especially, the dynamic of forces. You know, when I was younger, our family, our brothers, our sisters, our uncles, aunts, grand-parents, parents, but, when we grow up, we realize that we transpose these relations with our friends. At times, it plays the role of sister or so we are surprised to be rather the mother or the matante. But it is still in a close relationship. “Proximity, which can be explained according to the artist by the humanity, this root common to all. “This is a show feel good. We want to give hope, but we also have hope that humanity will be able to meet. Anyway, we don’t have the choice. It is at the peril of the planet. We feel that humanity is present everywhere, and it is what it is necessary to hang up “.

And if Nathalie Derome has the usual shows more poetic, metaphorical, here, it is under the allure of a musical comedy made of words, songs and humour that it is intended for children. “In fact, my initial impetus was to do a burlesque for little ones, with the idea of revolving doors, grand drama that everyone sees in the room except those who are on stage. We kept this in mind, even if, by intellectual caution, we have removed the word. In the end, this is a big wink at the theatre, and perhaps this is why I wanted to call it a burlesque, but the people in the community warned me not to do it. It’s still an interdisciplinary research “.

Accustomed to the intimate relationship with the audience, the actress and author use here another approach, more traditional, front-end, but always maintaining a closeness with the children. “I like to make small fires where everyone can be there, around, instead of playing in very large rooms. Then, to preserve the intimacy, I decided that the show would be presented in front of 200 people and not in front of a room complete in which one can sit 400. Because there are a lot of songs — and also by stubbornness — I also wanted them to sing without a microphone, that one is not forced to throw as opera singers. I would like to preserve an alcove delicate, a delicacy, a familiarity. At this moment, I am looking for a music to accommodate children in the room. I find that a theatre is austere, it is concrete, there are armchairs, velvet… something that, in my view, reminds us of a funeral home. So, I say to myself, it is necessary to receive in a way that could put them at ease, but also a testament to the fact that we’re together, ” says the co-founder of the company.

On the plan stage, this feeling of intimacy, this report is very natural with the children has also been thought of. The painter and cartoonist Gigi Perron was able to meet all of the expectations and the idea of Derome. “I wanted six trees out of cardboard and that’s all. I wanted something very sleek, very minimalist. And design Lucie Bazzo, who has 30 years in the business and magnificence in the body, envelope this simplicity with its lights “.

After a year and a half of work and the chance to perform in front of small and very critical, the team Of the words of the dynamite finally is about to go on stage with all the excitement that entails. “It is a great leap forward for us. We tested the show in residences, and it has good reactions. In a show is a humorous, one will have to learn how to play with the rhythm that imposes a room that laughed or did not laugh. It is confident, but the finesse of a show is done playing. We know that the baby is viable, now it must be in a good mood ! “



A previous version of this article, which incorrectly stated that the lighting designer of the show was called Lucie Perron, has been corrected.

This is my sister !

Original idea : Nathalie Derome. Design, text and interpretation : Nathalie Derome, Steeve Dumais and Audrey Southière. Assistance to direction : Anne Parent. Set Design : Gigi Perron. Music : Léandre Bourgeois. A production of the company Of the words of the dynamite. Home Theater from 7 to 17 march. Target audience : 4 to 7 years.