They demand that “Strip Choose to Live Healthy” to do sports in Quarantine has a schedule in the afternoon

    They demand that “Strip Choose to Live Healthy” to do sports in Quarantine has a schedule in the afternoon

    During the day this Thursday, a group of more than 100 people linked to sports and health from various parts of the country, led by the constituent candidate for the district 13, Francisca Cabrera (IND), asked the government authorities make the sports schedule called Choose Vivir Sano more flexible and include a time slot during the afternoon.

    The document signed by 129 representatives indicates that We have seen how the Choose Living Healthy time slot has been a success for many people, which shows the The desire of the population to engage in physical activity and sports during the pandemic, but it has also revealed a series of problems that must be solved.

    Along these lines, the letter describes that many of the main cycle paths have been saturated with people, which does not help the safety, health, or roads of the population, as well as refer to the instructions published by the Ministry of Labor on good practices for Teleworking, which recommends sports activities at the end of the working day, which in his opinion, provides a precedent that is worth considering for the successful implementation of the Choose Living Healthy strip.

    Specifically, the letter, which bases the proposals based on the importance of physical and mental health to overcome the pandemic, requests on the one hand, make the Choose Healthy Living time more flexible by including a new schedule in the afternoon at the end of work and school hours, in order to also facilitate sports activity for students and their parents.

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    On the other hand, the letter requests establish exclusive tracks for athletes on the streets most used during slot hours, in order to prevent accidents and ensure proper social distance.

    For the Former National Selection of Figure Skating, Pan-American Champion, and today a candidate for the Constituent Assembly, Francisca Cabrera, It is essential to think about moments of easy access to carry out physical and sports activities. If it is the Ministry of Labor itself that recommends exercising after working hours, it is not understood to have a schedule for sports at the beginning of it.

    We need the care and space that provides security and access to physical activity for all people. Sport is an element that contributes to the mental health of the population that has been so worn out as a result of the pandemic. This is a call to conscience and to empathize with those hundreds of thousands of people who have not been able to take advantage of the sports band due to force majeure, added Cabrera.

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